MAXS: Report an Issue

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How to report an Issue

(Nearly) every MAXS issue report should come with an debug log. Otherwise it's hard to analyze and solve the problem.

First make sure that the "Debug Log" setting of the relevant MAXS components are checked. Then you need re-create the issue and shortly after that gather the log. This can be done either via adb from the Android SDK, which requires the device to have the developer connection enabled, or via Apps like CatLog, which require root access.

After you have obtained the log, post the issue at

Using an CatLog

If you have root, you can use CatLog to export the log.

Using Android SDK: adb shell logcat

This requires the Android Debug Bridge: adb.

Using the logcat binary, available on every Android device, without any argument will print the current logs and follow them. Usually you want to only dump the logs, and since having a timestamp is always nice when it comes to logs, the recommend way of invocation to obtain useful log information for MAXS is

adb shell logcat -v time -d

Since MAXS does prefix every log tag with 'MAXS', you can restrict the output using grep

adb shell logcat -v time -d |grep -i MAXS |less

Further information about the Android log

There is also a good summary on Android Enthusiasts: How can I view and examine the Android log?