MAXS Module WifiAccess: User Guide

Table of Contents

1 Overview

Query the current state of the WiFi subsystem.

Makes optional use of modules none
Uses inoffical Android API no

1.1 Permissions

Permission Use
android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE Query the status of the WiFi subsystem

2 Commands

2.1 wifi (short command: w)

2.1.1 wifi list

List all configured WiFi networks.

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: wifi list AndroidDevice: ID: 0 Name: "eduroam" Status: Enabled ID: 1 Name: "MyNetwork" Status: Current connected network ID: 2 Name: "FritzBox" Status: Enabled ID: 3 Name: "accesspoint1" Status: Enabled ID: 4 Name: " 2.4ghz" Status: Enabled #+ENDSRC

Created: 2017-08-14 Mo 20:47