MAXS Module SmsSend: User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Send SMS messages

Makes optional use of modules contactsread, smswrite
Uses inoffical Android API no

1.1. Permissions

Permission Use
android.permission.SEND_SMS Send SMS messages

2. Commands

2.1. sms (short command: s)

Default subcommand with arguments: send

2.1.1. sms send

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: sms send John Doe Hi John, I got the tickets! :) #+ENDSRC

2.2. reply (short command: r)

Default subcommand with arguments: to

2.2.1. reply to

Reply to the recent contact.

#+BEGINEXAMPLE AndroidDevice: Recent contact is Foo Bar (+234123) User: reply Hi Foo, let's meet at the cinema. #+ENDSRC

Created: 2022-04-26 Di 17:57