MAXS Module Ringermode: User Guide

Table of Contents

1 Overview

Display and change the ringer mode (silent/vibration/normal).

Makes optional use of modules none
Uses inoffical Android API no

1.1 Permissions

This module requires no permissions.

2 Commands

2.1 ringermode (short command: ringer)

2.1.1 ringermode show

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: ringermode show AndroidDevice: Ringer is in silent mode #+ENDSRC

2.1.2 ringermode normal

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: ringermode set normal AndroidDevice: Ringer set to normal #+ENDSRC

2.1.3 ringermode vibrate

2.1.4 ringermode silent

Created: 2017-08-14 Mo 20:48