MAXS Module PhonestateModify: User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Modify the phone state. This MAXS Module needs to be an system app in order to get the required permissions granted. You can read more about how to convert an app to an system app at

Makes optional use of modules none
Uses inoffical Android API yes

1.1. Permissions

Permission Use
android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE Query the status of the default phonestatemodify adapter
android.permissions.CALL_PHONE Required not only to place calls but also to e.g. to end calls

2. Commands

2.1. reject (short command: rej)

2.1.1. reject call

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: reject AndroidDevice: Successfully rejected phone call #+ENDSRC

2.2. radio

Disable or enable the phones mobile radio

2.2.1. radio off

2.2.2. radio on

2.3. data

Disable or enable mobile data

2.3.1. data disable

2.3.2. data enable

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