MAXS Module LocationFine: User Guide

Table of Contents

1 Overview

Locate the device using the best possible locate mechanism available (fine location).

Makes optional use of modules none
Uses inoffical Android API no

1.1 Permissions

Permission Use
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION Access fine location data of the device

2 Commands

2.1 locate (short command: l)

2.1.1 locate start

Start locating the device and send periodic location reports

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: locate start AndroidDevice: Started to locate the device AndroidDevice: Location (12:07:40) Latitude: 49.XXXXXXX Longitude: 10.XXXXXXX Accuracy: 71.87 #+ENDSRC

2.1.2 locate stop

Stop locating the device

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: locate stop AndroidDevice: Stopped locating device #+ENDSRC

2.1.3 locate once

Send device location once

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