MAXS Module LocationFine: User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Locate the device using the best possible locate mechanism available (fine location).

Makes optional use of modules none
Uses inoffical Android API no

1.1. Permissions

Permission Use
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION Access fine location data of the device

2. Commands

2.1. locate (short command: l)

2.1.1. locate start

Start locating the device and send periodic location reports

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: locate start AndroidDevice: Started to locate the device AndroidDevice: Location (12:07:40) Latitude: 49.XXXXXXX Longitude: 10.XXXXXXX Accuracy: 71.87 #+ENDSRC

2.1.2. locate stop

Stop locating the device

#+BEGINEXAMPLE User: locate stop AndroidDevice: Stopped locating device #+ENDSRC

2.1.3. locate once

Send device location once

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