MAXS Developer Quickstart Guide

Table of Contents

If the prerequisites are satisfied and everything is correctly configured, MAXS can be obtained and build with two simple steps:

  1. git clone --recursive
  2. cd maxs && make

1. Introduction

MAXS is developed under Linux and Android Studio. This guide hence focuses on this setup. But it should be also possible to develop on other platforms, given the prerequisistes are satisfied.

2. Prerequisites

In order develop MAXS, you need to be able to build it from source. MAXS's build system requires the following prerequisites:

  • Android SDK
  • bash
  • git
  • make (e.g. GNU Make)
  • A file system with symlink support and a POSIX compatible ln binary

3. Checking out the source

git clone --recursive

4. Importing MAXS components projects into Android Studio

Issue the following command in the project's root directory:

make android-studio

This will populate the directories with the required files. You can then import the components of MAXS into Android Studio.

Created: 2022-04-26 Di 17:57